At Martin, we know that our customers have lots of options for where they buy their fasteners. To provide the best value that we can for them Martin has invested in employees and partnerships that provide real engineering expertise. This takes place in a number of different ways:

  • Product Consolidation – We examine the various fasteners that are in your products and work with you to design alternatives that would reduce the number of different SKU’s in place. This helps to reduce cost, reduce risk, as well as increase fill rate.

  • New Design – We can be the engineering arm you need in designing a new product. With Martin in place from the start you can be confident that the optimal fastening solution is in place when the first finished product rolls off the line.

  • Failure Analysis – Martin can take broken fasteners and examine them for what went wrong. This is key to understanding if a change is needed in the design or if the failed component did not meet initial specs.

  • Assembly Recommendations – Our capabilities don’t stop at the fastener, our Industrial line of business gives us access to a full line of tools, so we can review the full scope of your operation. The right fastener operated by the wrong tool can be just as costly as the wrong fastener.

  • Joint Testing (Peak) – By understanding how specific conditions can affect joints you will know what is going on as the fastener is tightened. This opens up a new level of benefits:
    • Lower Assembly Cost – More than half of your direct assembly costs are in the joining and fastening operations. By observing your processes in assembly we can recommend improvements to reduce cost.
    • Maximize Your Engineers Time – Every engineer seems to have twelve different projects all up in the air at once. By allowing Martin to do what we do best it allows them to focus where they can make the biggest impact.
    • Lower Warranty Costs – The most common cause of failure in a mechanical system is in the joint. By ensuring that your joints are being properly installed you lower the risk of recall.
    • Improving Quality – From Alignment to Ergonomics, many different problems root cause can be traced back to the joint. Make sure it’s built right the first time.