Integrated Supply
Total Lower Costs

Martin Plant Services utilizes state-of-the-art systems and technology to help your supply chain run more efficiently. Our indirect materials management team optimizes storeroom performance with long term, sustainable results while decreasing your total cost.

We offer a scalable solution so that customers of any size can benefit from working with MPS.

  • Personnel On-Site (Storeroom Management & Non-Stock Sourcing)
  • Documented Cost Savings
  • Web-Based Ordering System to Our ERP
  • Reporting of Cost Down to “Cost Per Piece”
  • Leverage All Purchases
  • Traceability


Services Offered

Total Storeroom Operation

  • Indirect Materials
  • Production Components
  • Fully Trained Personnel On-Site
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Receipt and Disbursement

Consultation & Stewardship

  • Analysis of Needs
  • Supplier Consolidation
  • Business Process Re-engineer
  • Supplier Management

Storeroom Services

  • Physical Inventories
  • Reorganization
  • Data Scrub
  • E-catalog Creation

Goals for Our Customers

  • Cost Savings
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Reduce Inventory
  • Increase Service
  • Stabilize Pricing

What is Total Cost?

Typically, we find the Total Cost for MRO exceeds the unit price by 30%!

Example: MRO purchases of $2,000,000

Inventory cost 14% $280,000
Direct Personnel 10% $200,000
Purchasing/Acct. 5% $100,000
Freight 3% $60,000
Receiving 2% $40,000
Shrinkage/Dead Stock 2% $40,000
TOTAL COST 36% $2,720,000

Order Entry Options

MPS uses leading edge technology to lower your cost for order entry, some options are:

  • Desktop
  • Smart Phone
  • Laptop & Scanner
  • RFID Tags
  • Batch Scanner
  • Wireless Scanner
  • Key Chain Scanner
  • Secure/Unsecure Cabinets
  • Vending Machines


  • Detailed activity reports with quantity and dollars by account code, manufacturing cell, machine, shift or requester
  • Customer open order reports
  • Inventory with no usage reports
  • Detailed printout or batching for invoicing
  • Customized to meet management’s needs
  • Proactive expediting
  • Detailed current inventory on hand

Safety Eyeware

Order SRx Safety Eyewear