Purchasing at a plant can never seem to win. The plant manager and controllers want spend to decrease, while production always wants more stock ordered and can’t stand for a single drop in supply. Managing the direct materials is hard enough, so when you add on the endless line of suppliers and requirements from the MRO world it makes the job nearly impossible to manage well.

That’s where MPS comes in. We take over the jumble of suppliers and provide a straight, easy, solution. Now your procurement department can focus on what affects the value stream while reaping the rewards of allowing us to do what we do best.



There are several advantages of outsourced MRO procurement. First off, and most simply, MPS is good at MRO procurement because that’s where our focus is. We have buyers that have established relationships and are experienced dealing with these suppliers. As an industrial distributor, we know their specific requirements and our system is designed to manage them. These relationships allow us to achieve efficiencies that are difficult to achieve in a traditional manufacturing purchasing department.


Second, every plant has rogue spend. With MPS in place, those same people are now incentivized to route that spend through us. Once the ease of use, flexibility, and cost savings become known those supervisors come to us for that spot buy item rather than go buy it themselves. This reduces reconciliation and also ensures that product is coming in through established parameters rather than through unauthorized suppliers. Martin offers the ability to process Purchase Orders, add new stock, or even credit card, so they can easily route that spend through MPS and quickly get back to the line.


We reduce the paperwork and number of people that you deal with. Rather than wading through the hundreds of PO’s and invoices each month, MPS will handle the purchasing, have the data flow automatically into your ERP, and then provide a single invoice on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s much easier to manage a single source whose office is down the hall rather than every supplier salesperson.



As a distributor we have access to pricing that is simply unavailable to a majority of the market, so you are lowering your cost on a portion of your products as soon as we step on site. With pricing set by contract, you can rest be assured that we’re providing you with consistent, year-over-year savings. We constantly leverage our total spend with our suppliers to ensure that the best possible price is being achieved.