Storeroom Operational Management

Storeroom Operational Management

At its most basic level, MPS manages the movement of indirect MRO products into and through a plant. Managing the purchasing, receiving, stocking, and disbursement of those products is the cornerstone that everything else is built on. The operations must be air tight or nothing else matters. That’s why the first thing we do when we go into a new location is to map processes, establish baselines, and determine the requirements that are needed for success.

We pride ourselves on running efficient, organized, and productive storerooms. We do this with a mixture of technology, process control, audits, and good old fashioned elbow grease. These traits give us the structure to accomplish what should be done as well as the culture that pushes our people to strive for excellence.


  • Data Analysis – We review data constantly. Everything from Min/Max levels, disbursement history, or lead time gets examined. This could lead us to take advantage of a quantity break, or to change the physical layout of the crib, or to notice a trend that needs discussing with a supplier. Taking early initiative on data prevents crisis down the road.

  • Cycle Counting – A robust cycle count program is critical to good inventory management. We utilize barcode scanners to achieve accurate, timely counts. Our counting policies include both a wall-to-wall count as well as A/B/C tiered counting. This combination allows us to count everything at least once a year as well as ensuring that the critical and high usage items get the attention that they need.

  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Shared Spares – For our enterprise customers, we’ll examine same items across multiple locations and determine where inventory could be consolidated while still maintaining the same levels of operational support.


We utilize the tried and true 5S method of organizing and cleaning our space. This gives us the roadmap that we need as well as an auditable history where we can track performance.

  • Sort – Make work easier by eliminating obstacles
  • Set In Order – Arrange all necessary items so that they can be easily used
  • Shine – Clean on a schedule
  • Standardize – Everything in its right place
  • Sustain – Follow each process and look for opportunities for improvement

Total Cost of Ownership



  • Reporting – Our system allows for robust reporting that allows productivity to be closely monitored. The reports can be run at any time by any login, exported to excel, or scheduled to run at throughout a day. Any single data point that goes through the MPS system can be reported.

  • Flexible – While MPS has processes in place, they can be customized to match the specific requirements of our customers. We find that a blend of our best practices with the needs of the customer’s business results in the results that we want.

  • Audits – Our quality control manager and district managers routinely visit sites to audit the operations. This guarantees that processes don’t grow stale or overlooked and the entire organization pulls in the same direction.